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    A Bolt Wine Tour is the best day of your life. As a member of the Temecula Wine Growers Association, Bolt Transportation is your ideal choice to spend the day in the wine country. We will help plan your perfect day at the wineries and make all reservations for you!

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    Wine Tour


    Bolt Transportation Limo Bus can help you plan your perfect day on a Party Bus Wine Tour. Sample some of the finest wines Southern California has to offer while traveling in one of our luxury vehicles. From Cabernet Sauvignon to
    Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot to Mourvedre, Viognier to Chardonnay, we have been to every winery Temecula has to offer. Bolt Transportation can help plan your perfect wine tasting experience. Bolt Transportation receives exclusive deals and discounts at some wineries. Give us a call to find out how we can enhance your experience in the Temecula Wine Country.

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    Want to try something new? Ramona is the new hot place to spend a day wine tasting. Let us take you on an adventure to discover your new favorite wine in this up and coming wine district. With Ramona’s hot days and cool night this is an ideal area for growing grapes and making great wine.

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